Objectives and Scope                                 

Conference Objectives

The objective of the conference is to present academic and technological progress in key areas of electric power engineering and related subjects.  It will provide a forum for national and international university faculties, research institutes, industry and utility engineers to exchange new concepts and challenges for the future.

The conference will be held in Al Masah Hotel near El Nasr Main Road (Extension of Autostrade Way) in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. This five star hotel is located in central area of Cairo and is close to many tourist places and shopping centers.


Conference Scope


Topics of interest includes, but not limited to:

  • Power systems planning and operation.

  • Transmission and distribution planning and operation.

  • Power generation.

  • Switchgear and protection.

  • High voltage engineering.

  • Power systems analysis.

  • Power quality.

  • Energy management systems.

  • Nuclear power engineering.

  • Control and measurements.

  • Smart grids and micro-grids.

  • Electrical machines and drives.

  • Power electronics theory and applications.

  • Nanotechnology in power systems

  • FACTS and HVDC transmission Systems.

  • Distributed power generation.

  • Artificial intelligence applications in energy and power systems.

  • Energy pricing and power market deregulation.

  • Renewable energy technology.

  • Hybrid energy systems.

  • Fault Diagnosis and SCADA systems.

  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of power systems.

  • Signal processing with applications to power systems.

  • Information technology-based applications.

  • Cyber-physical and human systems.

  • Cyber-security of power systems.

  • Power engineering education.

  • Energy and environment.

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